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Not just Texas Auctioneers: About Big A Auction Company

Welcome to Big A Auction Company where we provide the best auction experience for sellers looking for outstanding auction and retail services in Texas.

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in providing superior auction and retail services to people in the areas of Dallas, Austin, Midland, San Antonio and all throughout the state of Texas, Big A Auction Company should be your first and last stop. We provide auction services, estate liquidation services, inventory liquidation services, equipment liquidation services, farm equipment sales and others. 

We understand what the sellers need and we make sure to meet their expectations each and every time. We immediately start making things work the moment a contract is signed. We make our extensive, state-wide connections work, getting the word out to collectors, dealers, resellers and everyone else who may be interested in acquiring the inventory on offer.

With the goal of always providing the best auction experience for our clients, we treat each transaction as if the items for liquidation were our own. We make sure to maintain open and honest lines of communication with all our customers and make sure that everything is mutually understood and agreed upon before any actions are taken. 

We've learned through the years that effective communication is what makes the difference between great deals and not so great ones. Being a family owned and operated company, we are very thorough and personalized in our approach. 

Our attention to your requirements, our honest desire to help and our extensive knowledge and expertise in the auction industry make Big A Auction Company your surefire choice among all the Texas auctioneers!

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